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How To Tell If He's 50 Shades Of Shady

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RUN FOR THE HILLS! How To Tell If He's 50 Shades Of Shady

By Asha Overstone

We’ve all been there gals. Meet a new guy. Fall head over heels. Everything seems to be going amazing and then BAM... He starts getting weird. There’s something super off about him. Shady even. And you get this uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach like he’s hiding something or not being completely honest.

In most cases, us girls have a sixth sense about this kinda sh*t and we are right on the money. But, there are some who, (bless their kind souls), are so blinded with love they give him the benefit of the doubt. Well, I say us gals need to stick together! When one falls we all fall. So I’ve written up some warning signs for all my girls out there who need some help separating the men from the boys.

Sign #1: He NEVER calls you by your name

He’s got way too many girls on his plate to remember ALL of their names. God. Duh.

Sign #2: He’s always on his phone when he’s with you

I’m sorry but this is not only shady but it’s also rude AF. If he is staring at anything other than your beautiful face when he is in your presence... he’s not the one.

Sign #3: He never wants you to come over to his place

What’s with that though? He’s always up for coming around to yours but as soon as you mention going back to his he starts fumbling his words and makes up some lame excuse about his roommate feeling sick. Yeah sure, he probably has a wife and kids at home and can’t have you going and ruining that for him now.

Sign #4: He flirts with other girls in front of you – or tells you about it

I once had a boyfriend who came home and told me about this ‘super cute’ girl he met on the bus. Ummmmm...what? Aren’t you dating me? Why did you just call her ‘super cute’? I’m super cute god damn it!

Sign #5: He has Tinder still installed on his phone

Yeah no. Deal breaker babes.

So surely you’ve figured out by now he is a massive playaaaa and you need to drop him like a hot potato. But how?
Next time you are with him, sport one of these inconspicuous tees and he might just get the hint.

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