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How To Vay-Cay Like You're Famous

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How To Vay-Cay Like You're Famous
By Asha Overstone

With summer just ending in the US, we here in Aus have been blessed/ambushed with a solid 3 months of pics/insta videos/tweets/snapchats of our favourite celebs on vacation. Now I don’t know about you, but while I was wrapped in a four layer blanket burrito, freezing my a** off at home, I figured, instead of screaming into my pillow with jealousy, I should start planning a luxurious vay-cay of my own! Summer is fast approaching, so I have compiled a few must-haves if you want to holiday like a true celebrity.

Must have #1: An exotic location

Luckily, celebs have access to some of the most ridiculous locations in the world. Like, what’s the point of being a celebrity if you aren’t going to live it up and make us all jealous #amiright?
Here’s Emily Ratajkowski’s beautiful behind and Natasha Poly doing just that from Greece.

Must have #2: A giant (and private) mansion

A must have if you are a celeb on vacation is privacy. They want to be able to enjoy their holiday without being heckled by fans wanting autographs by the pool or annoying paparazzi snapping their worst angles.

So what better to do than hire a giant mansion to relax in?
This mansion in Turks and Caicos has 5 suites (oh yep no worries) a giant pool (although it’s literally ON the ocean) and totally private.

Must have #3: A superyacht

If you are famous – you have a superyacht. It’s almost like a prerequisite for being a celeb. If you don’t know what a superyacht is, it is basically a normal yacht on steroids. The name speaks for itself. It’s SUPER! Super big, super expensive and none of us normal people could ever afford one.
I scrolled through so many images of celebs on superyacht’s but couldn’t go past this one of Beyonce pin-dropping from her 30ft yacht in Italy to get a good Instagram pic. That is dedication.

Must have #4: A big group of friends!

You rarely see celebs holidaying solo – and why would they? They are stupidly rich, surely they have some equally as rich friends they can bring along to soak up the sun with. Kyle Jenner celebrated her 19th birthday recently in Turks & Caicos (destination of the moment FYI) with a big bunch of other famous friends including Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and her big sis Kendall. Aw yep, not jealous of this at all.

So after all that I’ve realised that I am actually delirious and could never afford to vay-cay like a celeb. Maybe one day. I guess I’ll just have to stick with my budget trips to Bali for now.

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