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Kimmy K's Kanye Inspired Style-Volution

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Kimmy K's Kanye Inspired Style-Volution
By Asha Overstone

Love her or hate her you can’t deny Kim Kardashian absolutely slays these days. Known as the reality TV ‘kween’, she juggles her busy schedule, two bloody adorable children and a rockstar hubby all while looking like she’s stepped straight off the Balmain runway.
‘IT’S NOT FAAAIIIIIR’ I hear you cry as you stalk her Instagram. Well fear not my pretties. Because the Kimmy K we know and love hasn’t always been the Armenian goddess we see today.

Enter Kanye West.

It is often said that Kanye’s biggest achievement is the epic makeover of his wife. Ok, only I say that, but their relationship timeline does
not lie. Kanye definitely played a vital part in her transformation from LA socialite to fashion darling. And here are the pics to prove it.

Omg babe. Hot. Those hoops though.

Oh yeah, remember when her and Paris were BFF’s? I think she even used to organise Paris’ closet... WHERE ARE YOU KANYE? PLEASE HELP HER.

A slight improvement. Hair is better however, still no.

YAAAS. Come on Kanye do your thang.

Casual but cool. You can definitely see Kanye’s influence. And that hair...


The fam front row at Givenchy. Oh how things have changed.

AHHH that time she went platinum and we all totally lost our s**t. Kim and Kanye in matching velvet.

And it just gets better and better. I could go on all night but, hey, you have Google. Stalk them yourselves.

Or better yet stalk our site and wear a bit of Kanye on your sleeve too.

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