Your daily reminder that Lydia Schiavello from RHOM is seriously underestimated

Bin Chicken Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Straya’s ~elite~

It’s been a hot minute since my last Z grade celebrity expose, did you miss me? And who am I??? That’s one secret I’ll never* tell… Xoxo Bin Chicken Girl

*will reveal identity for chicken nuggets*

SPOTTED: Lydia Schiavello posts a throwback image with her less chaotic and thus, irrelevant co-stars… But something’s not right!?!? Our Toorak IT GIRL has been absolutely sprung photoshopping a past image of her and the girls from their s2 glory days. Leading to the question… Why did our IT GIRL pursue to make Saint Chyka look like a Mornington Peninsula equivalent of Harry Potter’s aunty in Prisoner Of Azkaban, Marjorie Dursley?

And just when we thought L (Lydia) and C (Chyka) had built a bridge… It had to come crashing down publicly on Instagram. Dry your eyes, we love to see it. L has quite visibly stretched C’s mid-section, while cinching her own, leading Bin Chicken girl to believe graphic design is not in Lydiot’s usual repertoire. Perhaps L should stick to Shane Warne, cooking, and interior design.

In a chaotic turn of events that we are simply living for, L has publicly confirmed that the image is “not photoshopped” but merely an old image from season 2. 

Who is going to tell her that the original image is still at large…

Chyka has since clapped back saying she believes in supporting women, as opposed to pulling them down. OOOFT, YAAAS QUEEN. 

Bin Chicken Girl is unsure what to make of all this madness, but it looks like Little L has seemingly lost the plot. 

But can we lose something we never had, insiders? 

As I send out this blast I can confirm the image is still sitting petty on Lydia’s WASPY and highly confusing feed, despite the post being engulfed by dissaproval. 

I have reason to believe that if the image has been removed since, she is a loyal Bin Chicken Girl subscriber. Hello Lydia, I see you.

Despite all this, L is a show on her own and thus I am deeply saddened that she will not be returning for the latest revamp of Real Housewives of Melbourne. Janet and Jackie seem to be the only OG housewives returning for season 5 and WAW, I can’t possibly see why? It seems like such a joyous and nonchalant show to be a part of. Have fun with your deck of cards, to the departed members of RHOM. 

But As Lydia once candidly said “time heals all wombs” and we hope she is enjoying all the restaurants on the Seventy-Oneth floor that Melbourne has to offer.