King Bin Chicken: Think Kings Cup with an Aussie twist

$49.95 AUD

This Aussie twist on a classic drinking game is not just a game; it’s an unapologetically entertaining shenanigan that’ll leave you questioning your life choices, one card at a time.

Prepare to be ruled by our mischievous bin chicken overlords as they take charge of the party, making mischief their middle name. These cheeky chooks are masters of chaos, causing trouble wherever their feathered feet tread.

We have created over 100 bin chicken characters each with their own unique personality traits who are here to cause chaos. Flip a card to be presented with a character and prepare for a whirlwind of absurd challenges and questions that will highlight the debatable friends you wish you never made.

But wait, there’s more! Hidden among the chaos are secret mission cards (delivered to you by the Secret Bintelligence, our resident bin chicken spy) which you are to complete throughout the game if you’re feeling sneaky.

But Uh oh, here comes the moment of reckoning. There are 4 King Bin Chicken cards scattered throughout the deck. If you draw a King Bin Chicken card, you must pour a portion of your drink into the central cup. The suspense builds until some poor soul draws the fourth and final King Bin Chicken card, and in that case, well brace yourself champ and bottoms up. It’s a legendary moment of bravery, tears (optional), and a guaranteed story to tell.

It’s time to embrace the chaos like a true bin chicken warrior, because in this kingdom, having a bloody good time is all that matters. Let the feathers fly, the laughter roar, and the memories pile up!
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