Five Thoughts I Had Rewatching That Australian Episode on The Simpsons

If you reside in Australia and haven’t seen this episode of The Simpsons, congrats, your head officially lives in the sand at Bondi Beach. This episode came out before I was born, and I have even seen it upwards of 500 times, so there really are no excuses here. The episode I am referring to is obvs “Bart Vs Australia” and I decided to rewatch it for highly intensive research purposes.
...And boy, did it hit differently.
Buckle up, kids, because this episode is equally strange as it is chaotic.
They literally end up in Australia because of a toilet
I would like to think people actually WANT to come on holiday here when covid isn’t a thing, but the Simpsons legit end up in Australia because of Bart prank calling people in the Southern Hemisphere to ask which direction their toilet paper spins. I don’t know what Bart’s idea of fun is but this can’t be it???
Anywho, a naive Australian Boy by the name of ~Tobias Drundridge~ is collateral damage of this prank, which somehow sparks an international controversy. This leads me to my next very important thought.
I have lived in Australia for 25 years and I have not met one person called Tobias
This headline really speaks for itself - I haven’t even heard of someone called Tobias here. 
I didn’t even know this name existed. 
Tobias also has a super questionable accent, and seems to just play with boomerangs in his spare time… Do not even get me started on his dad “Bruno”, who candidly refers to himself as a drungo on the phone to Bart.
I don’t think they did ANY research on Australia when writing this episode
There are a few misconceptions in the episode...  My favourite being that we don’t have coffee here, just beer. Sweetie, if we didn’t have coffee in Australia, I simply would not live here.
When Marge asks for a cup of coffee, the bartender does not understand at ALL and naturally thinks she wants a beer. SEND IT.
Another personal favourite misconception is that we all ride in the pouches of kangaroos. I have probably only seen one kangaroo in my life so I feel like this mode of transportation is farfetched. Just me though.
 Our government  in this episode is off its chops
Ok, so yeah, our government in Australia  is corrupt -  BUT NOT THIS CORRUPT.
Our Prime Minister in this episode literally decides that the best punishment for Bart is to kick him in the ass with a monstrously large boot. Since when is there such a thing as “booting”...?
It’s also Homer complaining that our “corporal punishment laws are too harsh” for me. Who is going to tell him we don’t even have corporal punishment??? 
 Why have they made all these straya characters dumb AF
I find it hard to believe that a 10 year old (Bart) is capable of escaping to the US embassy, but he could do so because we are so NaIvE. I don’t know who the casting director for this episode was but literally every Australian character in this episode either has one brain cell or some serious anger management issues.
In conclusion, the Simpsons did Australia all wrong. Next time they visit I must tell them to stay at the Intercontinental Double Bay.

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