A Dog Lovers Expo Is Coming To Sydney

Sydneysiders are about to feel very FURfilled, because a certified Dog Lovers Show is heading our way this August. Dare I think of a better way for any individual to spend their weekend?!?!

The Sydney Dog Lovers Show can only be described as an extremely joyous two day long expo - filled with the fluffiest & goodest bois in all the land.
Ah, dreams do come true.

The dog days are over for the weekend of Saturday, August 6 to Sunday, August 7 at the Sydney Showgrounds - where copious amounts of canine cuddling and licking  will be taking place. The Sydney Dog Lovers Show has returned for another year, and is guaranteed to be the pawfect day out… 

There will be parades, competitive sports (doggie long jump & high jump) and lots of gorgeous furry pals available for adoption from various NSW rescue groups. The rescue groups will also be educating attendees on the adoption process, so that individuals can learn what is involved if they choose to adopt on the day or in future.

Our favourite part? The official Pat-A-Pooch Zone, a designated area in the festival where attendees can cuddle up to any breed of puppy or adult dog their heart desires. 

Golden labs, sausage dogs, Boston Terriers… You name it. 
I need at least 3 to 4 business days with each furry bestie on ground.
I am running out of excuses as to why this is not the best weekend of the year - in fact, I am getting overwhelmed at how much is happening over these short, two days. 

The FESTIVAL (show) is also extremely ideal if you are in  the market for a new hound, with the Dog Lovers Show hosting designated sessions where attendees can find their ultimate future dog breed. Not to worry, if you are already covered in this department - you can learn all the best tips when it comes to training your puppy, nutrition, first aid, and behaviour from Australia’s leading vets.

Can confirm, you will be channelling Dr Chris Brown after all this expertise.
See you there! Oh, and - be sure to get around the doggy face painting too for the full experience. Is there anything this festival doesn’t have?… I think not.
Siri, play Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men.

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