Grab The Tia Maria: Kath & Kim Reunion Rumours Are At Large!

Foxy morons of Fountain Lakes rejoice, because Kath & Kim reunion rumours are running a muck… And we are here to tell you what these rumours pacifically entail.

Fans started getting the skinny on the revival when past crew members were spotted at the infamous Lagoon Court. IRL neighbours of the iconic house leaked this to the press, and voila!... TBH, it was probably Mandy.
Alas, this hornbag of a source stated that the revival was already in pre production and is expected to air on a well known streaming service… With an announcement to come soon. Much to think about… And be confused about?!?!... Considering the famous house was reportedly demolished after this rumour was leaked.

Many are suspecting that the crew were at the residence to take in Lagoon Court one last time via measurements, videos, and pics - so that they can recreate it later. Mmm, makes sense everyone wants to get their filthy mitts on it pre demolition.

Can I run something up your flapgpole? Oi believe this to be true. Oi do believe that the gang will return to our teles in the goodroom in one way or another.
The Herald Sun even recently entered the group chat, publishing that this reunion was indeed coming to fruition. I loike what i soi.

While nothing has been set in stone yet - it is said that the reunion will be a similar dynamic to the Harry Potter & Friends style reunion, where the cast look bad on the series. Presumably on lawn chairs with little bois & cardonnay.

Fingers & toes, Sharon! Fingers & toes.

Team with the theme in our Hornbag oversized sweatshirt.

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