Bizarre Plots From One Tree Hill That We Didn’t Even Think Twice About

It has been over 10 years since the wildly popular fever dream that was One Tree Hill concluded, yet the series and all its unorthodox plots remain to live rent free in my head. We can’t deny the sizeable impact this show had… And if you are telling me that you don’t have the opening credits song still stuck in your head all these years later, like myself - it’s time to change that with a trip down memory lane. Reintroducing… The exceptionally abnormal storylines of OTH.


Problematic Peyton already had enough on her plate, so naturally the writers had to introduce a crazed man posing as her brother in Season Four. Derek came to town after the death of Peyton’s birth mother, Ellie, leading Peyton to believe he wanted to be close to his ‘long lost sister’. True OTH fans will remember Peyton’s webcam - and turns out, Derek had been stalking Peyton through her niche website for years. Mayhem reached fever pitch when he held Peyton and Brooke captive on their prom night, before being sent to jail for life. Such a waste, considering he was very good looking for a maniac.
Hayley Goes On Tour

After getting married to Nathan in year 10, Hayley decides to pursue her music career and go on tour. She not only ditches school for several months, but has an affair with the average man she is on tour with. Despite all this, she comes back to town and it is like nothing has ever happened. Her and Nathan fall pregnant, and she somehow manages to be the class valedictorian despite not being at school. Pure chaos.

Nanny Carrie

What is a small town without ANOTHER notable sociopath… This time, in the form of a childcarer. Let's be real, Psycho Derek walked so that the extremely unhinged nanny of the Scott Family could run. Nanny Carrie is hired to take care of Hayley and Nathan’s son, Jamie, but instead takes it upon herself to seduce Nathan, kidnap Jamie, and run over Grandfather Dan. She then proceeds to torment Dan in an improv hospital dressed as a nurse for no apparent reason, but I can’t say I am surprised after the time she appeared in Nathan’s shower.

Peyton & Her Underage Bartending Gig

Only Peyton Sawyer could get away with managing a bar as a high school student, afterall, remember when she dated Pete Wentz? As a mere 16 year old, Peyton decides to open an all ages nightclub called Tric and the rest is history. All else aside, can someone please inform me how Peyton was legally allowed to do this, and had enough time for homework and cheerleading practice too…?

Nathan is kidnapped..?

So, by now I think we can all agree that this show is an array of miscellaneous abductions. When Nathan goes overseas to scout a basketball player, he is kidnapped by Europeans. Luckily his unhinged father, Dan, comes to his rescue... Welcome back to the group chat, Dan. All I can say is, I wouldn’t expect any less from someone who has had this much havoc in his life

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