A Deep Dive Into The Upcoming Cast Members Of RHO Dubai

The devil works hard, but Andy Cohen works harder - and I couldn’t have been more thrilled when Bravo announced that Dubai was getting its own Real Housewives spinoff. The show will follow the lives of the boujee housewives of the UAE, and it’s only fair that we become acquainted with them prior to their debut on June 1st. The ladies of Dubai have got some big Louboutin shoes to fill, and I back them wholeheartedly. 

Introducing… The Real Housewives of Dubai. Ugh, it already has SUCH a good ring to it.

Caroline Stanbury

It should be noted that Caroline has the most followers out of all the girls, leading the pack at 600k, and feasibly has the most clout. Interesting. Caroline Stanbury is a well known British star and socialite, regarded as a lifestyle and fashion icon. She is friends with Paris Hilton so I am loving the direct link to Kathy Hilton already… And needless to say, I am expecting big things due to this. The mother and businesswoman has lived in Dubai for the past 6 years with her fiance, and TBH I am liking the sound of her already.

Nina Ali

Dubbed as one of the most well-known socialites in Dubai - Nina Ali is an American of Lebanese descent, who is a married mother of three… And absolutely loves to share the glitz and glam of her life on Instagram. I’m absolutely HERE for it. Alas, Nina describes herself as an “entrepreneur” having co-founded a fruitcake business recently. I hate fruitcake, but for research purposes, does anyone know where I can try this mysterious gateau? Known amongst the UAE as the ‘Lipstick Mommy,’ you can always count on Nina to be at the creme de la creme of Dubai parties and events.

Chanel Ayan

Known amongst the UAE as the “First Supermodel of the Middle East,” Chanel can be described as a trailblazer, businesswoman, and socialite. Between running her own talent agency and attending the most exclusive events in Dubai - she is also a married mother of one. I’m vibing Chanel already… Like, look at the sass she is serving in this pic.

Caroline Brooks

Next cab off the rank, Caroline Brooks. Caroline is a mother of one who originally hails from Boston, and is well known for her large success in the alluring, yet cutthroat Dubai real estate industry. Upon stalking her Instagram I can see that she definitely enjoys the finer things in life, which brings me much joy because there’s nothing I love more than watching a girl boss with expensive taste. Bring on the virtual caviar bumps, I say.

Lesa Milan Hall

Former Miss Jamaica and mother of three, Lesa works in Dubai as a recognised luxury fashion designer. She also has her own lifestyle website - where she advises on everything from motherhood, to business. She has lived in Dubai for just shy of 10 years, and is a self-proclaimed high-maintenance AF woman. We stan.

Sara Al Madani

Sara Al Madani is a successful entrepreneur in the fashion, beverage, technology, and marketing sectors. She is a much beloved figure in the UAE, who regularly solicits guidance and advice through public speaking. She’s known for calling it how it is, or as she says “speaking her truth,” which in housewives terminology… Only means one thing.
She will call BS quick, stat. It’s giving Lisa Rinna.

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