Our Favourite One-Liners of Lord Gordon Ramsay

When I look up “savage” in The Oxford Dictionary there are no words, just a photo… A photo of Gordon Ramsay. 

 Over the years the world has come to know and love the angriest man on earth, Gordon Ramsay. Gordon is a Scottish restaurateur known for his profanity and short temper on many of his reality TV Shows… And insults so bad that if you were on the receiving end, you literally would not leave your house for days. I want Gordon Ramsay as my personal chef, comedian AND lawyer. He NEVER loses a fight. This guy really has it all…

 On that note, let us take a trip down memory lane to some of Gordon’s most savage remarks. These stingers are so harsh that you would  be better off cooking your own arm on a searing hot stove, it would probably hurt less.

“Idiot Sandwich”

Genius. Just genius. Ramsay literally topped the whole insult off by quite literally sandwiching the chefs face between two slices of bread. 

“This pizza is so disgusting that if you took it to Italy you would get arrested”

NONNA IS SHAKING. This quote is simple, yet so very effective. No one wants to get arrested, let alone in Italy. This line really has the scare factor to it. 

“I wish you would jump in the oven, it would make my life a lot easier”

Ahhh yes, there’s nothing quite like your boss telling you to go jump in the 230 degree oven when you fk up so bad. We will never truly know whether Gordon meant this or not, but TBH whoever was involved probably deserved it. Gordon Ramsay never overreacts.

“My gran could do better! And she’s dead!”

I feel like this is something you never want to hear… That someone that is dead could do a better job than you. Also RIP Gordon’s nan, no wonder he is so damaged.

“Congratulations… On the Worst Dish of the Season”

Gordon does this really beautiful thing *blushes*  where he pretends to gear up for a compliment, until things take a turn for the worst and he resorts back to his usual ways: unleashing his classic Gordon slander. 

Now fk off.

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