Kath-spiracy: Grey Lines’s Deep Dive Into This Mysterious Case We’re Convinced Involves Kath

Hear me out: I am convinced that Angelia Hilbert is not missing, she just changed her name and moved to Fountain Lakes. Who is Angelia, may you ask…?

 Angelia Hilbert is a missing woman from Kentucky who mysteriously vanished (poof) from the service station where she worked in 1989. Reports say that Angelia was pregnant, or possibly pregnant, at the time of her disappearance.

I have never really been into true crime but this has sparked my interest. Why?

Because Angelia and Kath Day-Knight look exactly alike, so much so that I am convinced they are the same person. I guess I should MYOB buuut...

*I am also slightly biased as I need a reason to believe Kath is not a fictional character*

However, I have taken it upon myself to dissect this case, and have come up with 4 reasons why it just ~makes sense~ that Angelia is actually Kath.

Kath Has Never Mentioned Her Parents

Kath has never mentioned her parents because THIS is who she was running from. Angelia was meant to move to Owensboro with her parents, and when she never arrived she was declared missing. I have reason to believe this is completely true as who TF wants to move to Owensboro with their parents???

Gary Poole Relationship

Kentucky is warm and humid, and you know what goes well with that climate? POOLS. This is how Angelia Hilbert met Gary Poole, through his pool cleaning business.

Could Not Legally Marry Kel

This is why Kath could not legally marry Kel or hire a legitimate marriage counsellor, because someone who is going by a fake name can not provide documentation to get married. Turns out Kath actually met Kel *if that is his real name* when he was serving in the American Navy, where they fled Kentucky on a maritime ship to Melbourne.

No Friends

No wonder Kath literally has no friends… It’s because you can’t trust ANYONE on the run. This is also why her favourite song is Fox On The Run. This is why Geoff and Jane didn’t stick around, they asked too many questions. 

FYI Kim Is Not Actually Her Daughter

Angelia was said to be with child in 1989, but this could not be possibly considering Kim is 25 in 2002. I have come to the conclusion that Kath has hired Kim as her illegitimate daughter to throw the feds off. No wonder they look nothing alike… But you know who does? Angelia and Kath. My theory is that Kim is actually portrayed by Kath’s theatre coach, Robyn Robinson, who she found in the Yellow Pages.

Angelia in her missing person’s report was described as a female with strawberry blonde hair… Kath fits both of those so it can ONLY MEAN ONE THING!!!

The search is O-V-A-H. Ovah… And I am ready for my reward in the form of bbq shapes.

Turns out Kath is indeed a crim who keeps herself trim.

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