Shows To Watch & Cosy Up To This June

Winter is well and truly here, and what better way to celebrate than avoiding the cold at all costs - and cosying up on the couch with the latest bingeable series. 
Remote, popcorn, and glass of red at the ready - because we have done all the hard work for you, and compiled a list of all the new series you need to prioritise this month. 
Whether you love a cheesy rom com, a suspenseful drama, or a climatic crime story… The month of June has got you covered. 

Apple TV

Loot is the latest Apple TV crowd pleaser, centred around billionaire Molly Novak - who seemingly has it “all”. A lengthy list of luxury real estate, private jets, the creme de la creme of designer clothes, all the luxury goods… And a perfect husband to top it all off. This is, of course, until Molly’s relationship begins to spiral out of control. In an unexpected turn, she finds support and relief from beginning to work at the charity that she once founded - which leads to the self rediscovery she never knew she needed. Did we mention that Molly Novak is played by none other than Maya Rudolph? 
It’s giving… Prepare to watch this in one entire sitting.

You Don’t Know Me

An extremely juicy and scandalous English Courtroom Mini Series? Sign me right up. You Don’t Know Me, by the writer behind the hit series Virgil, is focused on a young man who is accused of murder. When on trial for the crime, he fires his barrister and defends himself. In doing this, he must recount what really took place on the day of the murder - and with great caution… Because when addressing a jury directly, you never know what to expect. 
The series also stars iconic Australian actress Sophie Wilde, so it would be extremely unpatriotic not to binge this one.

Everything I Know About Love

It’s finally happened, everyone… Dolly Alderton’s memoir has finally been adapted, and it has been brought to life via mini series by none other than Dolly herself. The series is centred around two characters, Maggie and Birdie, who move into a London flatshare for the first time and transition to the next phase of their lives. The series is a classic feel good, and the importance of particularly special and meaningful female friendships in a world of questionable potential suitors. Relationships, dating, love, and Dolly Alderton? What more could you want!

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