A Chicken Nugget Festival Is Coming To Melbourne

The secret as to why Melbourne is continuously named one of the most liveable places in the world is OUT - or at least according to me.
Someone on the judging panel must have had inside intel that Melbourne would soon host a strictly Chicken Nugget Oriented Festival… And ultimately, I will be forever grateful.


The rumours are true, Melbourne is hosting a nuggie festival at Welcome To Thornbury on Sunday the 11th of June. If you aren’t acquainted with Welcome To Thornbury, rest assured, you are in good hands. 


The grounds are infamously known for its several delectable food trucks, iconic beer garden, generous tap wall… And of course, the extremely niche food festivals they master. 
Remember the bizarre Garlic Bread Festival? The Hot Dog Festival? Perhaps The Donut Festival?


Yeuuup, Welcome To Thornbury was responsible for all of those. Bless.
However, you guessed it, up next on their chaotic agenda is The Chicken Nugget Festival. The festival will feature unique and delicious variations of the humble nug from several vendors and food trucks around Victoria - which include, but are not limited to… Nuggie burgers, nugget hoagies, nuggies on a stick, and OFC - the OG nug.


Naturally, every condiment under the sun will be available so get ready to drown in sweet and sour sauce if that’s what you’re into.


At the end of the day, what is better than a whole festival dedicated to celebrating and eating chicken nuggets? Nothing. The answer is NOTHING.
There will also be an abundant selection of beers and tasty cocktails to compliment your chicken oriented food coma too. 


Thankfully, this does not include nugget flavoured aperitifs…
See you there! Nugs and kisses.

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