The Best Shows To Stream This May

There’s nothing more heartbreaking… More gutrenching… Than sitting down on the couch, remote and popcorn at the ready, to find that you have in fact watched every single streaming service dry.

Rest assured, the month of May has well and truly delivered in this area - and let’s just say, we are spoiled for choice too. The only real question is, which bingeable series will you be watching first?

Bling Empire S2

Netflix’s infamous reality series following Los Angeles’ most lavish & affluent Asian families has returned for a second season, and we could not be more ready. Described as an IRL spin off to Crazy Rich Asians, the show follows the lives of exceedingly wealthy Asian socialites who live it up in the Hollywood Hills - and man, do they know how to do life to the most decadent extent. If you are into reality shows that involve fabulous soirees, unlimited credit cards, and never ending petty drama… Bling Empire is sure to tick all the boxes. 

The Staircase

Arguably one of the most anticipated releases of the month - The Staircase is a fictionalised adaptation surrounding the peculiar & unsolved death of Kathleen Peterson in relation to her husband Michael. The mystery surrounding her death has had a chokehold on true crime enthusiasts for years, particularly when it was picked up by Netflix for a docuseries in 2018. The latest installation, which will serve as a dramatised version to the true story, stars Colin Firth as Michael and Toni Colette as Kathleen… And may just leave you more curious than ever about exactly what happened on that night in December 2001.

Conversations With Friends
Amazon Prime

If you have been looking for a series to fill the ‘Normal People’ shaped hole in your life, look no further than the adaptation of Sally Rooney’s first book, Conversations With Friends. The best seller has been turned into a perfectly encapsulated mini series by the same gang who produced ‘Normal People,’ so you know that the adaptation is in good hands. The story revolves around four individuals of different classes and the shifting relationships between them, who ultimately commence a complicated ménage-à-quatre. 
What could possibly go wrong, right…?

The Time Traveller’s Wife

Stock up on tissues - because the tear jerker adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger’s novel is back for another installation… Sans Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams from the 2009 edition.
If you are unfamiliar with the general plot, the series follows the intricate love story of Henry and Clare, and their marriage with one catastrophic problem… Time travel. Sure, not the most realistic of problems, but there is something incredibly captivating about a romance about an EXCEEDINGLY attractive man (Theo James) who is plagued with an involuntary tendency to time travel, leaving his wife Clare to keep the romance alive until he randomly pops up during the course of her life. It’s giving… Inconvenient, much?!

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