A Donut Festival Is Coming To Melbourne

If your doctor has ever informed you to eat more “hole” foods, it’s time to spread the good word that a Donut Festival is hitting Melbourne next month. Needless to say, the thought of this upcoming homage to my favourite food group is driving me GLAZY. 

You call it “festival,” I call it… A two day long homage to the best sweet in all the land, and all its beautiful variations.
If donuts are your love language, as they should be, it’s time to pencil in the 4th to the 5th of June this year for what will be a weekend long celebration in the name of the donut. 

I am already scratching my head as to WHY this is not an international holiday considering this is dessert Christmas, but alas… You bet I will be at Queen Victoria Market, where the festival is being held, both days… ALL DAY.
The festival is being held to exhibit and celebrate a diverse and multicultural selection of donuts and similar desserts. Attendees can expect every type of dough phenomenon - from the classic North American style dough balls with hot jam, oozy chocolate centred baked goods, Spanish churros with all the dipping sauces, and even Greek Loukoumades. 

Not to mention, there will be a vast selection of savoury, vegan, and gluten free donuts… So there is quite literally something there for everyone.
Ever wondered what a spaghetti donut tastes like? Well, now is your chance.
Siri, play Heaven Is A Place On Earth.

A generous drinks offering will also be available - featuring coffee, hot chocolate, and retro style milkshakes. There will be live entertainment throughout the course of the festival too, because who doesn’t love some background music when savagely chowing down on pastries.

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