A Garlic Bread Festival Is Coming To Melbourne & I'm Mentally Already There

An entire celebration devoted to the delectable, glutenous extravaganza that is the humble garlic bread? Say no more. Melbourne’s Official Garlic Bread Festival is about to make an extremely hot landing this April, so vampires and anyone who tries to get between me and said bread… Beware.

That’s right, the most anticipated event of the year (in my calendar) is BACK - and dare I say, loaf is in the air. Welcome To Thornbury, home to the best food trucks in Victoria, is the gift that truly keeps giving… And for good reason.

Thanks to them - no garlic bread oriented dish is off limits with the return of the highly coveted Garlic Bread Festival… For just one day only. What a glorious day the 30th of April will be.

If you have ever wondered what a garlic bread cheesecake, garlic bread burgers, or garlic bread fish & chips tastes like - you, my friend, are in luck.

Yes, these are garlic chips.

You and your pals can even quench your thirst via various garlic aligned liquids… Such as a Garlic Bread Bloody Mary. Don’t knock it until you try it.

No need to pack the Extra Gum, because the bar will also be serving several minty fresh beverages all day long to secrete your questionable breath. Sheer GENIUS.

Just when you think this outstanding event can’t get better… Dogs are welcome, and encouraged. Name something better than a day out with several variations of garlic bread, your pals, and your furry friends - I will wait.

The festival starts at 12pm at ‘Welcome To Thornbury,’ 520 High St, Northcote on the 30th of April. I’m going to be right in my natural herbitat.

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