Our Favourite Obscure Kath & Kim Characters

Hello Peeple’s, get your filthy mits on our top 4 underrated icons of Fountain Lakes… Pacifically chosen by MOI. 

Grab the dippity bix, time to get the skinny on our favourite foxy ladies & hunk of spunks. 


Marion is none other than the incapable marriage counselor of the high-maintenance Kath and purveyor of damn fine meats, Kel. Her incompetence often leaves Kath gropeable, however her nudism approach did successfully restore Kath’s lost libido.

 Although Marion does not have any legal accreditation as a marriage celebrant, she does however play the organ and end up imprisoned -  much to Buck’s displeasure. She’s really not just a pretty face. Oh Marion, you boob! 

Sandy Freckle

Can I run something up your flagpole? Hornbag Sandy Freckle is the OG fuckboi, argue amongst yourselves if you think differently. Sandy is not only Kel’s best mate, but also arch nemesis due to the fact he steals all of Kel’s fiances. CC Debbie, Jan and Yoko. 

Sandy naturally takes a liking towards seductress Kath - he’s only yooman - resulting in some real WWE shit at Kim’s Baby Shower. You’re not a freckle Sandy, you’re a mole!

Darryl Lee

It’s the sassy tailor who works at Fountain Lakes Shopping Centre for me. He is the type of savage I wish to embody, offering a no-return policy on his rose pink and powder blue suits. His graysh sense of style leaves everyone looking a hundred bucks, despite claiming to be “no Grant Denyer''. Naturally, his sexual tension with Prue also helps him secure a spot on the list. Now I got one word to say to you, pro-bonos.

The Boulton Twins

Bloody Boulton Bitches. Kimmy should have listened when Sharon said the sooner you realise that all men are bastards and develop an interest in sport, the happier you’ll be. The Boulton Twins are none other than Bretty’s mistresses, despite him claiming to have had his drink spiked by them. Their interests include, but are not limited to: Brett showing off his hard-drive, getting potato wedges thrown at them, and netball with their fellow Cheetah’s team. Bunch of nongs for trying to break up Fountain Lakes’ Golden Couple if you ask me.

I’ve really discovered myself through this article and I loike what I am finding. 

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