Ranking the $20 million dollar homes on Luxe Listings Sydney Season 2

If you haven’t been watching Luxe Listings Sydney Season 2, I won’t sugarcoat it… I honestly feel bad for you.
Name something better than following the lives of four of Sydney’s elite real estate agents as they skrt around in an array of Porsche models, settle million dollar deals, and be generally petty AF.
Nothing. The answer is NOTHING.

It’s truly the show that keeps giving, because it’s also the perfect way to window shop around for your future prospective home - in the form of a $20 million dollar mansion. I’ve done all the hard work for you, and have ranked all the best homes of Luxe Listings Season 2 thus far. Hope you brought your check book.
4. The Crypto Castle

The Crypto Castle is the first mansion viewers will get a glimpse of on the marvellous second season of LLS. As the name suggests, it is owned by a super kooky crypto dude who comes and greets the agents in an eccentric Versace tracksuit. Alas, the series is off to a great start. Located in Coogee right on the cliffs, this mansion gets points for location as I assume it is within walking distance to a Pina Colada at the pav.

 It also boasts 5 bedrooms, panoramic views, and an infinity pool. Not bhed.

However, where it lost me and my wallet is that the home is made completely out of concrete and galvanised steel, and I simply don’t think I am cool enough to pull off this mansion. Next.

3. Fendi Penthouse

Next up on the open homes, we have the $20.5 million dollar sky penthouse which is… Regrettably… Located over the bridge. Hard pass, but we make haste, because the entire apartment is about to be dripping in Fendi. For just 1.8 million dollars, you can add the Fendi couch from the Grand Sky showroom to your penthouse and wow, all I can say is - dreams do come true. Less importantly, the penthouse also has uninterrupted views across Sydney in its entirety - including a fab view of the coat hanger. Not to mention, 4 master suites and a large indoor pond for all your mates, and fishes I guess.

2. Shelly Beach House

If you hate people just about as much as I do, then the Shelly Beach House is the place for YOU!

*Salesperson Voice*

Conveniently located away from wider society in Manly - The Shelly Beach House offers panoramic views of the central coast, private beachside access, and flows across three yuuuge levels. It’s giving… California, four bedroom bungalow vibes. If there was ever any doubt, this is anything but a “humble” beach house. It’s listed for 18.5 million so if you are in the market for a beachside chateau, be my guest. Just be sure to invite me over for some lobster and caviar when you move in, kk?

1. Gavin’s Cliffside House

Last but not least, Gavin’s mate’s house that he’s trying to get him to sell… 

This house can only be described as a Tamarama Cliffside MODERN CASTLE.It’s fit for a queen just like me, so pls take all my money (the $12.57 I have to my name).

The mansion boasts four bedrooms, four bathrooms, several boujee entertaining rooms, a rooftop, and an infinity pool. I want this house for all the right reasons, being the several parties I could throw here. The house is approximately worth 18 million, which means I’m juuust 17.999987 million short - how good.

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