Secret Ocean Pools Around Australia & Where To Find Them

If you’re like me and catching waves isn’t exactly your thing, you are more likely to opt for a concealed ocean pool when you’re craving a paddle. Turns out, a salty dip has amazing health benefits - with seawater incredibly rich in zinc, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Grab the sunscreen, a chic wide brimmed hat, and the latest novel… Because here are our top picks for secret ocean pools around Australia.

Injidup Natural Spa
Western Australia

Located right on the edge of the Indian Ocean - Injidup is a scenic, yet secluded rock pool. As the name suggests, the pool also acts as a “natural spa” with the waves crashing over the rocks to create a prevalent, flowing waterfall. No day is ever the same at Injidup, with tide and swell at play… You could either be greeted by a calm, natural basin to relax in - or a tempestuous spa.

Avalon Rock Pool
New South Wales

Located in an iconic New South Wales beach town, Avalon Rock Pool offers panoramic views of Australia’s most quintessential coastline. Loved for its quirky shape and crystal clear water, the 25 metre long rock pool is worth the drive if you are a Sydneysider. Conveniently enough, there’s also a shallow toddler pool that is great for children to take a dip in.

Streaky Bay Jetty Pool
South Australia

Walk along the calm, picturesque jetty on the Eyre Peninsula far enough, and you will find the Streaky Bay Jetty Pool. Assembled in the 30s, the pool is sectioned off with a shark proof enclosure that was constructed after a 9ft shark sighting in 1936. Yikes.
Entry to the pool can be found by steps from the jetty or via the ocean, if a pal with a boat wants to drop you off!

Cape Paterson Rock Pool

Man-made in the 1960s, Cape Paterson Rock Pool is one of Victoria’s most tranquil and mesmerising hidden gems. Expect a large rock pool, filled with extremely majestic turquoise waters. Just don’t visit without packing a snorkel… Because the underwater life is even more majestic than the charming pool itself.

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